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Brian Lambert, Popclaw and Marc Schuster

Brian Lambert, Popclaw and Marc Schuster

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Wild by Brian Lambert

Brian Lambert is the artist who never stops creating, a man of mystery whose music transcends boundaries. Based in Denton, Texas, Brian's musical creations are not confined to any one region; they resonate with a global rock perspective.  

His sound is a harmonious blend of rock from the 80's and 90's, infused with a contemporary edge. It's music that invites listeners to dance and sing along, while also prompting introspection on life's profound moments.  

Scandal by Popclaw

Download Popclaw album songs: Scandal | Boomplay Music

Popclaw are the rock duo from two parts of the south east of England. Dan and Chris work remotely and have never met in person still. The band are excited to introduce the 1st single of 2024, named Scandal, which is available now! The band wanted to visit a more dirty grunge sound with this song.  

The song is about incels, Here’s Dan’s quote about the lyrics: 

“I wanted to bring to light a terrible social issue that isn’t talked about enough in society “the entitlement of males and violence towards women.

It’s always existed but it’s important to speak about because that’s how we get better as a society, that’s how we do better.”  

Read The Room by Marc Schuster

I'm an indie musician from the Philadelphia area who also hosts a weekly radio show called the #Tweetcore Radio Hour on AMS Radio. Additionally, I interview musicians on my blog, Abominations.

The song I'm submitting is called ‘Read the Room.’ I wrote it after sitting in a meeting that went on for way too long.

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