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LPM, Demi McMahon and Real Clothes

LPM, Demi McMahon and Real Clothes

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Get You Alone by LPM

LPM say:

We are LPM, songwriters Lee Perry and Mike Langley. Writing production music and filling our creative souls with other music which fills us with joy. Get You Alone is a bit of a departure from our debut album 'senses' but still features our epic stacked vocals and immersive production but this time round with a super funky edge!  

Make Love Not War by Demi McMahon

Demi says:

I sing and song write and this is a dark pop song with a catchy chorus. 

This song is in hope for a more peaceful world for everyone without harm that goes on!

Undone By You by Real Clothes

Nico Fox says:

I’m a self-taught producer, vocalist, and guitarist based in New York City who performs solo as Real Clothes, a Gothic Wave/Avant-Garde project, inspired by Appalachian folk and the early internet. This song is about finally getting the strength to leave. It's the first track of a new album called ‘Eternity is an Ugly Thing’.

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